dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Petjil - Pitjel - Petjel

Petjil - Pitjel - Petjel

This Javanese dish is super easy! We sometimes have petjil when we barbecue instead of a salad.

petjil - pitjel - petjel

What do we need:

pinda sambal - peanut sauce
Peanut sauce
This is for about 4 persons.
- 250gr Long beans (cut in pieces of 3,5cm)
- 250gr Bean sprouts
- 250gr Cabbage, cut in 2cm wide strips (the one I use is also known as pointed, hispi, hearted or sweetheart cabbage)
- salt
- Peanutsauce (I use ready made from Suriname)

- one big pot
- a slotted ladle
- sauce pan

1. Bring one big pot with water (filled 3/4) to boiling point. Then lower to medium heat. Add a bit of salt to the water.

2. Blanche your long beans for about 5 to 6 min. and then check if the beans have the right bite.  I don't like it when my veggies are to soft. For me it has to have a bit of a bite. So it's  more what you prefer. If you like it softer then leave the veggies to cook a little longer.

3. Remove the long beans with the slotted ladle and put in cold water. When it's cooled, drain the vegetables.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for the beans sprouts and cabbage.  Note that the beans sprouts take only 1 or 2 min and the cabbage for about 3 to 4 min. 
long beans - bean sprouts - cabbage

Peanut sauce
For the peanut sauce you have to check the preparation on the package. For pitjel I like mine sauce to have thick consistency, not too runny.

If you can't get peanut sauce you can make it out of scratch. But I must say, I never make mine out of scratch. When I'm in Suriname, I stock up my peanut sauce :D! Once I didn't had peanut sauce, but I did had a pot of peanut butter. So I took a sauce pan, added some table spoons of Calvé peanut butter chunky, water, a bit of tamarind pulp (lemon will do too), kencur to taste (dry herb), garlic powder or fresh garlic, sugar/salt to taste and enough pepper (madame jeanette).

Out of scratch peanut sauce (Surinamese style)

- 2 teaspoons of oil
- 500 gr peanuts 
- 5 cloves of garlic
- madame jeanette or rawit/lombok /birds eye chilly (all the same peppers)
- kencur powder, 3 to 4 ts
- 1 tbsp tamarindpulp
- 3 tbsp brown sugar
- salt to taste

1. Fry the peanut in oil, add in the garlic and the peppers. Fry untill the peanuts are golden brown. 
2. Remove the peanuts and herbs with a slotted ladle. Leave to cool.
3. When cooled, put peanuts, garlic, peppers, kencur, tamarind pulp, brown sugar, salt to taste and mix in a food processor. 

You will have a thick paste, you now can dissolve it in a sauce pan with water to get the right consistency.

If you have tried it, let me know how it works out.. :)

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  1. Hallo Melt Pot,

    Ik heb een website met surinaamse recepten en zou graag deze foto van de petjil willen gebruiken (met bronvermelding). Mag dat?

    1. Hallo,

      Ja hoor, dat is geen probleem (met bronvermelding). Ben ook benieuwd naar uw website, ontzettend leuk!